Magic Shows and Services

Adult Magic Shows

Nathans adult magic shows  feature some of the most amazing magic you'll ever see! Nathan will dazzle you with different props, borrowed objects & will even have people come up and help! Nathan includes a wide variety of magic based on the venue and audience. This includes Mind reading, Jaw dropping magic, Hypnosis, Telekinesis, Dangerous stunts, Magic with fire or liquid & so much more!  He will also have you laughing your guts out! Basically anything can happen in Nathan's adult shows.... almost anything. (Contact Nathan for a free Consultation)

Childrens Magic Shows

Nathan's kids shows are filled with Comedy magic, mental magic and close-up effects. Each show is different and unique. Nathans shows include colorful props and lot's of audience participation!  Each show is customized to give his audience a professional and clean performance! Nathan has a special show created just for birthday parties where the  birthday child becomes the star of the show! *Packages with add-ons are available* (Please contact Nathan for a free Consultation

Corporate and Private Events

Do you Have a small businesses and need a great way to advertise your new products? Are you a family business or organization who is planning an event at your location or house? Nathan's Magic shows can be either in front of an audience of friends, family, customers or coworkers! Nathan can also perform magic from table to table warming your audience up before his magic show or your company presentation. Nathan has performed for a number of corporate parties, as well as corporate birthday's and cocktail parties. (Contact Nathan for a free Consultation)

Weddings & Bridal Showers

Nathan will surely make your Wedding or Bridal shower even more magical than it already is! Nathan

can mingle with your guests hopping from table to table performing amazing magic! As for the Bride & Groom, Nathan has prepared special magic tricks personalized just for them! Nathan can also perform a special magic show for this special occasion featuring Jaw dropping magic, Comedy and so much more! Find out how Nathan can make your special day more magical and contact him today! *Packages with add-ons are available* (Contact Nathan for a free Consultation)

Restaurant Magic

This is perfect for restaurants or parties. Walk around magic means that Nathan will hop from table to table performing for your guests or customers! Nathan has a wide variety of polished and well rehearsed close-up effects that he uses for his walk around magic! (Contact Nathan for a free Consultation) 

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